3 Minute Crush Fitness Berwyn

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3 Minute Crush Fitness Berwyn

In gyms and fitness centers across the nation, people are counting out reps on machines, grinding through repetitive crunches, and doing set after set focusing on one body part at a time. Whether being led by an instructor or training on their own, many are stuck in a 3 set rut. A majority are so accustomed to 3 sets of 12 or 15 reps, they allow their bodies to adapt to an activity and undermine their workout. Now, after all these years, we can stop counting the reps and start watching the time! By doing an exercise for only 60 seconds, you eliminate the artificial 15 rep barrier; pushing yourself harder and faster than you thought possible, and achieving rapid results. 3 Minute Crush® is a mainstream, kickass, for-all-fitness-levels workout routine that will shed the pounds, tone your body, and increase cardiovascular conditioning in only 30 minutes. 3 Minute Crush® is a series of ten circuits, each 3 minutes long. Within those 3 minutes, you will: Target specific muscle groups for definition and muscular endurance Enhance cardiovascular conditioning for a strong heart Amplify essential fat burn for intense weight loss Focus one solid minute on deliberate core strengthening exercises for a tight trunk and solid abs Toni Masters Created and Owns all rights to 3 Minute Crush® To review, here is what YOU receive: CUSTOMIZED fitness plan for your specific goals and needs CUSTOMIZED meal plan for you personally Video of exercises Printable workouts Pod-casts Iphone App option Newsletters Ongoing Fitness Advice Weekly Food/Nutrition/Recipe advice Daily Blog of encouragement written by Toni Quarterly Boot-camps Message Boards with the capability of speaking to thousands of people for non-stop advice, encouragement, motivation, understanding and guidance ASK TONI topic to speak to Toni herself Recipes for Kids and Adults from fitness professionals and local chefs Chances to win a free training session with Toni through quarterly fitness challenges offered And so much more… We are updating the site weekly to provide all health related needs ongoing.

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