Arlene Angard Designs New York


1705 First Avenue, 10128
Phone: 212- 7222278

Arlene Angard Designs New York

Arlene Angard's design style is eclectic. She observes from the past to create the present, for a cozy, warm, and chic living atmosphere. Her showroom storefront will inspire you and give you a sense of her product- a delicately choreographed combination of style, color, texture and practicality. Arlene Angard Designs offers: . Signature and Custom Furniture . Full Interior Design Services ( Complete team: Designer/Architect/Contractor) . Custom Window Treatments ( state-of-the-art wireless systems) . Custom Upholstery and Wall Upholstery . Home Accessories . Art . White-Glove Installation and Finishing

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