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Distinctive Diamonds INDIANAPOLIS

Distinctive Diamondsis part of the DDM Arabov Group of companies. The entire Group is a certifiedmember of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). RJC certification confirmsthe Group’s commitment to responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmentalpractices in a transparent and accountable manner, from diamond sourcing through to retail. Only a limited number of prestigious retailers have achieved such standards. The DDM ArabovGroup is also a Diamond Trading Company (DTC, part of the De Beers Group)Sightholder. As a Sightholder, DDM Arabov Group is among a select number ofdiamantaires that receive direct supply from De Beers’ mines. All Sightholdersundergo a rigorous selection process to ensure they are the world’s leadingdiamantaires. As a Sightholder, the entire Group adheres to De Beers BestPractice Principles. These principles are an independently monitoredcode/standard that gives consumers the confidence that international ethical,social and environmental standards have been met in the production of De Beersdiamonds. The DDM ArabovGroup is proud to be both an RJC member and a DTC Sightholder. As part of DDMArabov Group, Distinctive Diamonds benefits from industry-leading reputationand direct sourcing from De Beers’ mines. Since Distinctive Diamonds opened to the public, we have changed the way diamonds are sold in Indianapolis by setting the standard for quality, excellence, value and diamond education. Our success has brought media attention from the printed page to the spoken word. We are delighted to be participants in creating that "special diamond moment" for many happy couples in Indiana as well as surrounding states. We want to make acquiring the most beautiful diamond at the absolute best price a breeze.

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