Freddys Bar Brooklyn

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627 5th Avenue, 11215
Phone: 718 768 8131

Freddys Bar Brooklyn

Esquire Magazine: Freddy's voted ESQUIRE'S BEST BARS IN AMERICA. Time Out NY: "It's possible that Freddy's is as near a perfect saloon experience as you'll ever encounter." WNYC: "It has a cat that you can’t out-drink, it's got the best fishtank in New York City. It’s an amazing bar." Wall Street Journal: "The inmates are running the asylum...The bar is owned by the staff and built by the regulars...Billed as an intimate evening for Freddy’s family, and that family of hundreds embraced, shrieked and toasted." New York Magazine: "Greatness lies behind these doors." L Magazine: "...hub for artists, thinkers, performers...a great place to get drunk...Brooklyn's most eclectic, smarty-pants and resilient bar." NY Times. Scoop: "... much-loved ...wonderfully odd and charming." Village Voice: (Best Of) BEST VIDEO ART IN A BAR: 2001-2008: "Donald O'Finn's feverishly edited encyclopedically strange video collages are lively rivers....his editing is so hyper-intuitive that the culture shocks and time warps gel into a state of half vertigo and half trance.” Village Voice: Freddy’s voted "One of the 10 Best Bars in Brooklyn." Village Voice NYC Guide: "Freddy's hosts some of the city's most original readings and performances." The Brooklynite: "Freddy's is one of the borough's most vital cultural hubs." New York Magazine: (Best Of) "The great Freddy's...seems to sizzle with life." NY Post: "...the first to turn his local watering hole into something trendworthy - that honor could go to Donald O'Finn...of Freddy's.” NY Metro Mix: "The iconic dive bar reopens amid boisterous, boozy fanfare." NYC Gothamist: Best Five Barkeeps In NYC "Donald O'Finn at Freddy's" NY Metro Mix: 10 Best Bartenders in NYC "Donald O'Finn at Freddy's" NY Times: "an iconoclastic Brooklyn dive bar...a mounted swordfish next to a granite slab with the etchings of graffiti...a 1923 player piano..." AV Club: * 8 Bars Worth Leaving Your Neighborhood For: voted #1 on the list. Bravo TV Night Life Guide: "When God created the bar, he named it Freddy's." National Public Radio: on Opera Night, “the local watering hole for murderers and tyrants, adulterers and virgins, Don Juans and divas.” NY Drinker: "Freddy’s is alive!" "...much of the new Freddy’s is so familiar it’s eerie...Eclectic art still adorns the place...the bar managed to retain their trademark energy with their familiar activist-minded crowd and happily dancing bartenders." NY Gamble Guide: Freddy’s voted “One of the 10 Best Dive Bars in NY" "A Brooklyn classic...Also one of the best bars in NY City for Sunday afternoon drinking." L Magazine: Bar Award, Best Bar in Which to Shout "Screw The Man" Shecky's Bar Guide: " known as a fringe art space." NY Times: "a friendly barkeep, good beer on tap and a generous's an exceedingly comfortable joint...a little bit blessed." Zagat: "loads of atmosphere...this place oozes Brooklyn pride." NY Sun: on Diva Night, "...raucous and sublime...un-elitist, imperfect, and fun..." Time Out NY: "This is the perfect neighborhood bar." Here is Park Slope: "Freddy's has firmly cemented its reputation as one of Brooklyn's top bars (and a great place to see live music)." Brooklyn Based: "funky lamps, vintage wallpaper and plenty of found art can drink cheap booze while checking out live music, art, or comedy." SOMA: (South of Market Arts-San Francisco) "a warm Brooklyn vibe...Freddy's is mellow while still being interesting...but most of all the place is comfortable." Village Voice: "BEST BROOKLYN BAR WITH A SMALL TOWN VIBE," also "Most Comfortable Hang." CitySearch: "Freddy's is a great bar, all the beer you'd expect on tap, weird stuff on the walls, TVs showing bizarre sleazy movies, it's got it all." CARA, Aerlingus Travel Magazine: "undiscovered treasure...classic dive..." Spin Magazine: on Cringe Night, "The funniest night out in NY City." ESPN: "Freddy's is one of the great dive bars in New York City...a far nobler institution than you are likely to find in professional sports." "Hip...yet unyuppified." "a Mecca for artists and writers with no stomach for hipster poseurs or overpriced drinks." "This storied speakeasy represents the best combination of dive bar and underground cultural Mecca." NY Grub Street: "Freddy’s Reopens, On Steroids" NY Magazine's Best of Nightlife: "The best spelling bee for adults." No Tourists Guide Book: (Best Of) Voted Best Backroom. NOB (Not Only Brooklyn) Arts: "Freddy' both wondrous and free, presenting a diverse selection of artists simultaneously down home and excellent." Continental Airlines Travel Magazine: "Freddy's...casual, free swinging atmosphere." AM NY: "One of the city's most popular Dive Bars." Metro (Mix): "Freddy's is all you would want (and more!) in a dive bar. The beer is cold. Their calendar is chock-full of interesting and offbeat events, including tons of live music, a diorama/craft night and something called "strip club." There is always something interesting on the TV sets, including amusing B-movie footage that you'll have to see to believe." Local Bozo: "like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Freddy’s Bar has returned. In our ever changing and yuppified city, we need places like Freddy’s to thrive. Being original and respected is not easy to come by. Too many of our city’s watering holes and sports bars appear seriously prepackaged and have no soul to them. When I go sit down at a bar for a pint or even a shot, I want to feel like I am at a place...where I can call home."

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