On Line Retrievers Ogilvie

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On Line Retrievers Ogilvie

On-Line Retrievers is located on 160 acres of pure doggy heaven. David of On-Line Retrievers has over 25 years of service and reliability to customers and their beloved canine pets. On-Line Retrievers is one of the most respected pet companies in the pet service industry. On-Line Retrievers offers training programs for Gun Dogs-both retrievers and pointers and also any breed for the All Breed Obedience Program. David Russell considers training an art form where each canine is trained as an individual. David builds a bond with each animal so that each dog responds to his/her commands out of love and respect and not fear On-Line Retrievers also offers pet boarding for all breeds of dogs/cats. For dogs with special needs-ask about our kennel free environment in our home! Lots of references from past customers and also Minnesota Veterinarians. Contact David of On-Line Retrievers for more info. (320)272-4746 www.on-lineretrievers.com On-Line Retrievers endorses NuVet Plus as a daily supplement to boost your Pet's immune system and help fight free radicals. NuVet Plus is natural using all human grade ingredients . www.nuvet.com/67685 1-800-474-7044 order code: 67685

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