USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park Mobile

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PO Box 65, 36601
Phone: 251-433-2703

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park Mobile

At Mobile's Battleship Memorial Park, you don't have to look very far to find heroes. From the Battleship USS ALABAMA to the Submarine USS DRUM and over 25 aircraft, the spirit of military pride is alive and well. Aboard the battleship yo will be able to explore 12 decks. among those, you can climb insider gun turrets, get locked in the Brig, man a 12mm gun and much more. Near the battleship is the Submarine USS DRUM. Visitors can climb inside the submarine and see firsthand the conditions that confronted our Navy's submariners. In the park you will be able to view many rare aircraft. One of six existing A-12 Blackbird spy planes, one of three remaining OS2U Kingfishers, one of only four F-86L Sabre Jets, one of two ever built YF-17, th eprototype for the F/A-18 Hornet currently flown by the Navy and Marines, are just a few of the rate warbirds you will find on display. Come visit and return to a time of bravery and adventure at Battleship Memorial Park.

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