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ArtGraze Santa Fe

ArtGraze is an online Interior Design Showroom with an emphasis on fine art. Through our two companion websites, and provide a directory of resources, products, and services we recommend to interior design professionals. Among the products that we highly recommend to retail establishments, hospitality, hospitals, and offices is doTERRA, a line of essential oils that are the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils on the international market. A number of these oils are proven to be highly effective in reducing airborne pathogens, elevate mood, and reduce buyer anxiety. Not only do they provide the best in aromatherapy when diffused, they are so pure they can be used in culinary, taken internally in capsules for medicinal purposes and applied topically. Bed and Breakfasts can bring an unexpected level of enjoyment to their patrons with the diffusion of these oils in their rooms to increase relaxation. People who are normally sensitive to fragrances because of impurities and synthetic ingredients are not adversely effected by doTERRA's CPTG oils. Your patrons will want to purchase these oils to use in their own homes. To purchase these oils either wholesale or retail, go to You should see my name and contact number in the top right hand corner of your monitor screen for additional information.

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