Hostess House Bed and Breakfast Portland

5758 N. E. Emerson Street, 97218-2406
Phone: 1.503.282.7892

Hostess House Bed and Breakfast Portland

Rooms at Hostess House Bed and Breakfast from $75. to 85.00

Nothing fancy about Hostess House, which is a contemporary home in a mellow neighborhood, yet has been open since 1988. This tells you that hostess, Milli Laughlin, is doing something right. Gracious hospitality and great cooking have much to do with it, as does a reasonable price. "Hostess House is a clean, clutter-free, quiet, economy inn where guests are pampered, coddled, and well feed - gourmet style," says Milli. "Our place is not for the conspicuous consumer but for the lower-maintenance person who is looking for quality accommodations with a smiile." As result, here you can expect a friendly welcome, an inviting nights's rest, and awaken to a scrumptious breakfast. City close and country quiet. Private baths. Perfume and smoke-free. Free high speed wirelless intrernet access for business and leisure computing and internet surfing.

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Bed and Breakfast Portland

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